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 The Elevator Presentation

The Elevator presentation

The Introduction - Who you are

Who we are - Client acquisition Network for accountants

What Do You do?

We provide accountants and bookkeepers with a competition free client acquisition and leads generation service that deliver the leads generated direct to their in-box at no cost


The sales process

1- Make the Call

2- Make the brief client acquisition presentation

3- Provide the link to the Accountants CA Services

4- Log the call and create your sales call follow-up report  


earn $30,000.00 in commission income per-year

plus: earn $10,000.00 in ANNUAL renewal commissions


sell our Client acquisition and leads generation automation Services to 500 Accountants per year

Just 10 sales per week, for 50 weeks. why not.


sales management

You have made an effective call, the next step is to keep a record.

However, this is not a manual procedure. It's all online.

To keep a record of the calls made, go to - sale management

The purpose of this link is to make it easy for you to capture the client information and record the call result.

Recording your sales call activities allows our system to maintain a database so that if a client add their business and did not add your name in the sale agent field, the sales agent activity database would flag the sale and credit you for the sales.



Logging the Follow Up call result, creates an easy to work with follow-up database you can work at a later date if needed. 

Logging also assures you that if a potential client said no during your presentation, but visited the website at a later date and decided to list their practice in the directory, our system will identify you as the original sales agent and credit you for the sale, as long as you are an active sales agent in our network.

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