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Accountants Targeted Leads Generation Marketing Services      

Our customized for accountants targeted leads generation marketing service is designed to complement the find-an-accountant direct marketing system and maximize the benefits we bring to accountants and bookkeepers listed in our directories-of-accountants.

In addition, since targeted leads generation marketing is an important part of the client acquisition marketing system that should be employed by accountants and bookkeepers, we have positioned our service to make it easy for accountants and bookkeepers in our network to implement a targeted leads generation marketing program to complement the services provided to grow their client base fast.

Targeted leads generation marketing can be used to generate qualified leads that fits your client profile.

Our targeted leads generation marketing service is designed exclusively for the Accountants and Bookkeepers listed in our directory network and can be customized to include the following services:

To relieve accountants of the need to initiate the first call to client leads to sell their service

To Set appointments.  

This way accountants would be assured that every meeting is confirmed for the accountant to meet with a client truly interested in the accountant services and ready to get started

  Close the client.

Used to convert leads into paying clients. This way if you would prefer not to handle the sale closing function, this can also be outsourced to us.

  Service can be structured to arranging the first quarter fee deposit

Arrange the delivery of the start up business information and business papers as images instead of paper.

Targeted leads generation marketing when combined with direct target marketing can help put the the business in the mind of potential clients and make it easy for clients looking for their next accountant or looking to change, to know where to go to find the right accountant for their business.

Gone are the days where a large or small commercial sign outside your building and a listing in the phone book or on the Internet was enough to get your firm’s name known in the business community.

consider this

The Internet is crowded. 

Even with your own website the competition to get found is significant

Keep in mind that your potential clients are not motivated web surfers. 

When they go to the internet they want to find what they need fast.  If not, they will put it off for a future time.  So getting new clients today needs a better plan.

Competition among professional advisors is fierce.

To position your practice to get a steady flow of leads, referrals and clients needs a structured proactive approach. 

Why Us?

We know the business. 

We know the bookkeeping business from client acquisition to service delivery and tax reporting.

We also know what accountants need from clients to do the bookkeeping, prepare financial statements and tax returns.

Using this hands-on experience, we positioned our company to provide accountants with end-to-end client acquisition services that are pro-active and cost-effective. 

We combine Internet marketing with our client matching system  and our targeted leads generation marketing system, to bring accountants the best client base growth system available today.

Our call agents are trained to utilize business savvy skills and the business intelligence to navigate through a presentation with a small or medium size business owner manager or trucker. 

We further enhance their professional skills with our accounting service sales marketing training and call management techniques. 

This way, our call agents will not sound like a telemarketing sales agents. Instead, our call agents are able to have a real conversation with your potential client without sounding like they are reading from a script.

If our service level agreement include arranging appointments for accountants and bookkeepers listed in our network, we ensure that the meeting is taking place for the right reasons and that our clients (Accountants and Bookkeepers) will not be wasting their meeting with unqualified clients.

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