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We provide Accountants with Truckers Bookkeeping Support that relieves them of the paper document processing and data capture tasks and provide them with Tax filing ready bookkeeping data and reports.

The reports include support details to make it easy for accountants to file GST/HST returns, without having to do any of the document preparation or data capture work.

With our customized documents delivery systems, we make it easy for accountants to delegate the paper source document collection process and processing to us so as to focus on the tax filings, without affecting their in-house work flow management or infrastructure.

Accountants Client Acquisition Marketing Support

A landing page with welcome video and a call to action statement, will deliver a much higher conversion rate than a regular website, home page.  More A video on your website or landing page, will activate the buy emotions in visitors which grabs their attention, allowing you to easily convert them to clients. More

Our Target marketing will put your business in front of ready to sign clients and potential clients who need your service today or at a future date. More

Our Lead generation system will identify potential clients for your business and deliver this information for you to contact and close the potential  client. More


Our Directory listing will position your accounting business to easily get found by small to medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs looking for accountants.

The directories incorporates a set of direct marketing and promotion website tools that will put your business in front of business owners and managers looking for accountants.

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