How to get qualified leads and new clients

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We employ direct client acquisition marketing to bring qualified business owners looking for accountants to connect with Accountants in our network looking for new clients.

This way, we make it easy for accountants to get more clients, without having to invest in expensive advertising or direct cold call sales effort to grow their client base.

We enhance the client contact opportunity for accountants with an easy to share network bookmark that stays with the potential client, creating an automated networking system.

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We set the stage for potential client visitors to come back often and refer their business associates and friends looking for accountants to our directory of accountants network.

This bookmark page system, allows visitors to get a new experience with each visit, as they link to the accountants landing page webs and easily share the bookmark experience.

The reason visitors will share your business information resides in the welcome attitude projected through your easy to read:

landing page web MARKETING

Welcome Video messaging

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