Accountants Leads Generation Marketing

and Client Acquisition Seminar - Barbados


This seminar will provide accountants with workable information, easy to use ideas and solutions to the client acquisition challenge, that can be replicated back at the office.

This seminar will show how to develop a steady flow of qualified leads and referrals to grow your client base, without having to invest in expensive marketing and advertising programs

We provide attendees, with after seminar support if required.

We will customized and manage an in-house system to achieve their client acquisition marketing and leads generation goals


Here is What's on the Agenda?

How to use internet dominance to acquire a steady stream of new clients

How to use a landing page website with videos to convert visitors to clients

How to identify your target market and get connected with them

How to use welcome videos to convert prospects into paying clients.

How to get control of all leads from your postal or zip area

How to create and manage ongoing leads source system

How to use Niche telemarketing to grow your client base fast

How to use PR to get a steady flow of leads, referrals and new clients

How to enhance your Internet Presence to stand out from the crowd

How to use content to keep your name in front of potential clients

How to get all leads from your postal/zip code delivered to your in-box.

How to use E-Business Card Marketing to more clients


How to use value added services to get even more clients


Outsource your appointment setting

► Telemarketing

► Appointment setters

► Customized landing page websites

► Customized video profiles

► Customized video presentations

Consulting and implementation planning

Establishing an outsourced client service marketing system to have a dedicated client service representative making 12 calls per hour calling targeted potential client to bring you more clients.

Create an outsource client service management system to manage the after sale functions.  From appointment setting, to organizing the business information delivery timing as paper or imaged-pdf

This seminar will show how to get more clients without investing in expensive programs and make it easy to cut your client acquisition cost       



Learn how to Get found,  Get qualified Leads and how to put your business in front of ready-to-sign clients at low cost

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