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Once you are approved we will provide

A one page easy to deliver presentation

A welcome to the team telephone calling list with:

200 accountants to help you get started fast

This way, at start-up you do not have to spend time searching for leads, although leads are easy to find.

If you work this list professionally you will make sales.

To support your start-up, we will provide the following:

A ready to print business card template (pdf)

A company email address that auto forward to your existing email.

To help keep you busy selling our client acquisition services, if you are achieving above average sales result, (100 sales per month) we will provide an ongoing replacement leads list equal to 10 times the number of new accountants you added to the network each month.


The Value Proposition and sales Bonus

This service provides accountants and bookkeepers with the solution to the:

"How to Get More Clients to create income certainty and eliminate uneven and uncertain Cash Flow?"

Ask any Accountant or Bookkeeper what Keeps them up at nights and they will tell you, "It's how to get more clients to develop a steady flow of new clients" to grow their client base and income stream. 

My challenge to you.

Why not set a goal to add 500 accountants across Canada and the United States to our network and earn a Barbados vacation

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