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Your role?

The Client Acquisition Sales agent is a Marketing Specialist who will be the initial contact with Accountant or Bookkeeper.

The Marketing Specialist Contact Accountants and Bookkeepers by Telephones or in person to introduce and sell our Competition Free Leads Generation and clients acquisition marketing and promotion services with leads delivery to in-box system.

The Marketing Specialist must have strong oral communication skills:

Ideal Candidate:

One + year(s) prior customer service or telemarketing related experience.

High School graduate, with some prior Sales and Marketing training courses.  College degree a plus.

The ability to project personality, through voice, as well as diction and enunciation, are required. Excellent interpersonal skills.

Good decision making ability. Capable of working independently.

Probability for Success? Excellent.


You will be providing accountants and bookkeepers with the opportunity to get more clients to grow their client base faster, than is possible from any other similar looking service today.

You will be providing accountants with the opportunity to dominate the internet with a unique landing page website marketing system we provide, that is not available anywhere else today.

As a result, if you professionally introduce accountants and bookkeepers to the service, you will make sales. 

Keys to your success

We are currently the only leads generation and client acquisition service for accountants and bookkeepers with an exclusive locked-in leads generation and delivery to in-box system.

Our service will give accountants exclusive access to all leads and potential clients from specified city locations by postal code or zip code.

The uniqueness of our services:

No current direct competition. See the "compare".

So you will be helping accountants and bookkeepers create income certainty from the flow of leads, referrals and new clients we deliver exclusively to their inbox.

This is the right time for you to get started.

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