Selling leads generation and Client Acquisition Services to Accountants

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Your Role?

You will introduce accountants and bookkeepers to our client acquisition automation services and encourage them to add their business to our directory network to develop a steady flow of leads and new clients and enhance their internet presence to get found




The Reason?

Our exclusive CA services for accountants places us in a position of having no direct competition.

This way, with an entrepreneurial sales and management team, we can corner a large share of the market providing accountants with competition free leads

 The Opportunity for you


How to get up to speed Fast


The Sales Presentation


Earn $70.00 per sale selling

Industry first competition free client acquisition and leads referral services for accountants and bookkeepers


To make it easy for you to say what it is you do and what your service is all about and the benefits to accountants. see the elevator pitch page


It is easy to talk to accountants and owners of small firms as well as bookkeepers about something they are all interested in. How to get more clients.  

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