Talk to an Accountant Leads Generation System  





A great way to get potential clients to call you.

Position your business to develop a steady flow of calls from potential clients with their questions and the opportunity to convert them to clients.

Under this leads generating system, you will attracting a flow of leads and referrals by being willing to offering some free email reply consulting to business owners and entrepreneurs.

By positioning your business to get business owners and entrepreneurs to submit requests for some free limited consulting, you and your business will stand way out from the crowd.

It is a fact that giving potential clients “free limited assistance” is a great way to brand yourself and your practice as an expert.

This talk to an accountant leads generation system and service is created as a rifle-shot leads source that will bring more exposure and potential clients to contact your firm.

This will outperform the effectiveness of expensive advertising or internet search engine optimization offers being promoted today.

Here is why

You will be positioned to get potential clients to contact you with their accounting or tax related questions using our online talk to an accountant request form located at, “Talk-to-an-accountant” .

This will allow you to connect with business owners, managers and entrepreneurs looking for business and tax advice. 

We estimate that the conversion rate could be as high as 85%, or more. 

Just think of the opportunity provided to grow your client base fast.

This leads generation system is like getting clients through networking without any competition or having to attend those morning and evening network sessions.

Keep in mind that at these sessions, the competition is fierce, other accountants are there just like you, looking to connect with the same potential clients.


Getting started is easy!

CLICK the image below to:

Once you have added your business to the network, if you would like to visit the locked-in leads system page, to lock-in up to two additional postal code or zip code from selected areas where you want to acquire leads for exclusive delivery to your in-box, Click Here

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