In this seminar we will present accountants with a new approach to getting new clients that will cut their client acquisition cost and help drive more profits to the bottom-line.

we will show how disruptive innovations and technology is changing the way accountants acquire new clients to grow their client base and incomes and eliminate the need to invest in expensive advertising.

We will share ideas for using a low-cost and no-cost ways to attract a steady flow of qualified ready-to-close leads and referrals, without attending every local networking event to hand-out business cards with a hope and a prayer.

We will talk about how to eliminate the need for old style networking  where you ask every warm body you meet to help you find clients or to send you a referral.

Instead we will introduce you to a client acquisition referrals marketing and promotion system that you can implement without having to spend a lot of time and money, or having to do cold-call sales.

We will talk about how to leverage client acquisition automation to grow your practice.



OCT 18, 2018 to OCT 20, 2018  

Seminar event days

Thursday Oct 18,   9 am - to - 2 pm

Friday Oct 19,        9 am -to  - 2 pm

Saturday, Oct 20,    12 noon -to- 4pm

Networking Lunch in Bathsheba, by the Beach

Transportation Provided

Please email us on or before Tuesday October 16 with your arrival in Barbados flight information and number of people in your group, to allow us to schedule a representative to meet you at the airport on your arrival

E-mail Us

Attend the seminar and take a -TIME-OUT - For a mini tax deductible vacation in Barbados.





The Seminar Agenda

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