why You need a landing page with your Business profile

When a potential client visit your landing page they will take time to read your profile, even if the visit was to browse, your welcome video, your landing page marketing web will act like a display advertising that allows them to feel that they know you prior to calling to retain your service.

Even if visitors did not spend time to make a decision to contact you at the time of their first visit, we have built in a contact feature that allows potential clients to request an accountant to contact them.  This lead is sent direct to the inbox of accountants on our service profiled in our directors based on their postal code or zip code location.

If we are unable to connect the lead with an accountant that matches the location postal code or zip code of the lead, we add the lead to our leads database to allow accountant with access password to login and download the lead or leads.

When you claim a lead from the leads database, we send the client a notification that you will be contacting them shortly.  We include your profile as an introduction so that when you call, it will be like talking with a friend.

It will not be like making a cold call, or first time sales call; this will be like a telephone meeting with the client as a follow-up to their request to be contacted and they will be expecting your call.             

opportunity To Get Pre-qualified Leads

These leads will come from our find-an accountant request form submitted by clients looking for an accountant as well as clients looking for their next accountant.

How it Works

As these requests are received from potential clients looking for an accountant, our system sends an acknowledgement email to the potential client that we will have an accountant  located nearby contact them within 2-3-business days.

Next the system checks our database of listed accountants located closest to the potential client.  If one or more is found, the system sends them an available leads notice.

If no accountant located near the potential client, the lead or leads are published to our available leads web page to allow other accountants in our directory network to claim and download the lead and contact the client.

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