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This is an opportunity for accountants to start creating articles and news releases to allow us to utilize pull advertising to put their business in front of qualified potential clients looking for accountants or thinking about changing.

Our content marketing program is designed to inform while promoting you and your business as experts in your industry and as a great source for accounting and tax related services.

As a result, we encourage accountants looking for more clients from the small and medium sized business owners market, to invest some of their business time to writing news articles and news releases to help us create carrot-pull promotion to keep business owners coming back to read more.

This way, we will provide your potential clients with something they want. Ideas and information related to enhancing their business and the bottom-line.

Content Marketing for Accountants with articles written by Accountants in our Directories

These articles, allows us to put accountants and bookkeepers listed in our network directories, in front of potential clients utilizing subliminal non solicitation marketing.

Here is how it works

As articles are received, they are reviewed and a link to the articles website is included in our direct marketing program to business owners, managers and entrepreneurs, which features the authors name and contact information.  Articles on the web will do the following

Allow you to become known for delivering on-going free valuable business, accounting and tax information to potential clients.

To submit your article or news letter, click this submit link


Content marketing is driven by the creation of industry specific articles by accountants designed to promote their business with a subtle approach instead of with traditional push advertising.

Our message to accountants is to get busy writing and submitting article to our articles database and let us help Cut your client acquisition cost

Do not allow the noise from all of today's ineffective offers to create FOLO. (Fear of Losing Out) syndrome

Think outside the box, connect with ACAS and get more qualified leads, Referrals and ready to sign clients at low to-no-cost to grow your business hassle-free and competition free.

Your articles in our content marketing program, will help build your online presence, get more qualified potential clients to contact and retain your services.


Your articles will be distributed to registered business owners.

This will Advertise your practice or firm

Increase client visitors to view and read your profile

Increase your Business exposure

Build your reputation as an expert in your field

Enhance your visibility and Internet presence


We accelerate our Content Marketing system by hosting an Add Your Business mailing list database to bring business owners and managers to connect with accountants in our directories through their articles and news releases.

Our content marketing service is Free to accountants and the Business community.

Our managed service system will help accountants break through the noise of the market crowd and competitors which will allow them to get more clients.

They will also get more potential clients to become readers of the content they generate and as a result, will be thinking about the writer of the article and their business, from the last article read and will be looking forward to receiving and reading the next article or news release.

As accountants in our directories network write news letters and articles to drive their content marketing program, we encourage them to add these into our network database using the link below.

Articles Submission Link.

Articles and newsletters from accountants in our articles database will make it easy for visitors to the directory of accountants to click the articles link to read the articles.

These articles written by accountants in the network.

We also include links to articles and newsletters submitted by accountants, with the author name and contact information, in the articles subscription service and send these to the subscribers.

Subscribers receive your articles and news releases as must read business information, with links to current articles written by other accountants in our network. articles access database.

They will usually share the articles with business associates and be more likely to refer associates to sign-up for the articles and retain the services of an accountants from our directory.

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