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     Promote your Practice with Seminars

To help accountants reach into any niche market they desire, we will create, market and promote a client acquisition seminars for accountants, and bookkeepers, that will put accountants in front of potential clients as the authority in their field.

Selling accounting service with customized seminars creates a dynamic client focused yet casual environment where accountants will have the undivided attention of participants and have a non-competitive environment to present a professional message while subliminally selling their professional business profile and why they are the right accountant for the attendees.

These seminars can be very productive as participants looking for their next accountant will retain their services.  However, participants not ready for a new accountant but attended for the benefit of the information, will usually tell their friends and associates even share copies of the hand-out and recommend the speaker to their associates. 

How it works!

Accountants interested in using seminar marketing to promote their practice, would contact us to explore or plan a seminar or series.

We would address the seminar format, on topics, agenda, best convenient dates and target audience and with approval, go about promoting and hosting the seminars with the objective to bring 10-20 qualified potential client participants per seminar from the targeted industry and cities/province/state.

However, for accountants to qualify to have us host and promote a client acquisition seminar event they must be in our directories for 6-months or more.

We will be their seminar promoter and the accountant or firm assume the role as seminar leaders and presenter.

As part of our role in the process, we will do the following:

Design and print the promotional marketing pieces (If applicable)

Design and print the handout note taking worksheet

♦ Test and Acquire the agreed targeted client list

♦ Structure the marketing roll-out

♦ Arrange the meeting room

♦ Arrange and provide the presenter tools:

► Video projector

► Video Screen

► Laptop Computer, if required

♦ Sell The seminar

♦ Introduce the accountant seminar leader the day of the seminar

Accountants will decide if the seminars should be free or if we should charge an agreed seminar fee to the attendees to offset the cost of hosting and promoting the seminar on behalf of the accountant or firm.

Benefit to accountants presenting these seminars

Being able to connect with potential clients face-to-face will make it easy to acquire clients who attend the seminar as well as acquire clients who were planning to find a new accountant but could not bother as they perceive this to be an hassle project they would rather not embrace, and forgo looking for a new accountant.

Getting in front of potential clients to present a seminar, is an effective means of becoming visible to your target market and being perceived as an expert while making it easy to build a solid client base. 

If the audience is properly targeted to attend, which we will do that, you will get new clients, you will get referrals and pre-qualified leads.

So if you are serious about putting your practice in front of potential clients in the small business and/or the trucking industry and looking to have your practice stand-out in the marketplace, you should list your practice in our accountants directories now and start planning to have us create a set of client acquisition seminars for you this year.

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