Leads Management and Distribution System

To meet the high volume of requests from potential clients created by our client acquisition marketing system, Find-an-accountant-near-you and Talk-to-an-Accountant service, asking us to refer them to an accountant or bookkeeper located near-by, we have added a new approach to getting the leads being received distributed to accountants and bookkeepers as received.

The new approach: A Locked-in Leads Distribution system

This new approach will deliver the leads received direct to the computer in-box or smart phone of accountants and bookkeepers in our Directories on a first choice basis, based on their postal codes or zip codes location closest to the lead source

How it will work!

 Lock-in leads are on a first choice basis

When you list your practice or bookkeeping business in our directory after November, our system will send you a welcome letter with password credentials for use in login in to the lock-in leads management database to submit the postal codes or zip codes you wish to lock-in to receive all leads from the specified postal code or zip code locations.

Once you receive your login credentials, simply go to the lock-in leads management web page and enter and submit up to two Postal Codes or Zip Codes you wish to lock-in to receive all leads from on a priority basis.

In addition, the login credentials provided will be the same for use in accessing the general leads database to claim leads listed from clients you wish to add to your client base that was not previously claimed.

Under this lock-in leads system, you will have exclusive leads ownership on a first claimed and locked for up to three postal codes or zip codes. You will have exclusive for your main business address postal code or zip code as well as the two additional postal codes or zip codes you submitted to be locked in for delivery to you.

Subscriber Corporation Management

Since the lock-in leads system is on a First-come, First Claim Basis System, in the event one or all of your postal codes or zip codes are located in extremely active client areas and you are unable to provide services to the high volume of leads you are receiving, we ask that you send us an email with the lead source information you are unable to action, to allow us to add these client leads to the leads database to allow other accountants located in those areas to easily download these leads and provide the services being requested.

This leads distribution system includes the flow of telephone request leads being received from clients who prefer to call us with their request to find them an accountant.

As these leads are received, a telephone leads form is completed that places the lead into the leads distribution database that automatically delivers these leads to accountants and bookkeepers listed in our directories by locked-in postal or zip codes.

This locked-in Leads management and distribution service is Free for one year to accountants and bookkeepers who list their business prior to October 31, 2017. 

Beginning January 2017, a one time fee of $100 will apply.

A great way to create a steady flow of qualified leads and referrals from businesses located near you.

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