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Competition free locked-in exclusive leads acquisition system

  How it work? -


How to use the Lock-in leads Service

When you add your business in our Directory, your main office postal code or zip code is added to our exclusive locked-in leads acquisition database at no cost, to allow the system to send you all leads acquired from within your postal/zip area, direct to your in-box.

You will have access to the lock-in leads management database to submit up to two additional postal codes or zip codes you wish to lock-in, to receive all leads from the newly specified postal or zip locations and get these leads delivered to your in-box.

This way, accountants can expand their market reach beyond their own Postal/Zip Code area to locked-in leads ownership and establish competition free leads acquisition dominance of leads from the additional specified areas, also for delivery to your in-box.

A locked-in leads fee of $100.00 will apply for any and all additional postal code or zip code area you lock-in.

The additional postal/zip code locked-in service, gives accountants the opportunity to change the locked in areas of interest twice within any calendar year at no cost.

This way, accountants get to lock-in other available postal code or zip code by simply sending us an email request, to allow us to unlock the postal code or zip code you wish to give up and provide you with a new password to add/submit your new postal codes or zip codes to your new lock-in area preference.  READ MORE


After you add your business to the directory, go to the leads management lock-in-leads page and lock-in your primary business postal or zip code. 

Since the lock-in leads system is on a First-come, First Claim Basis in the event one or all of your postal codes or zip codes are located by other accountants, as locked-in accountants release leads in your area that they are unable to service, these will be sent to you, prior to being added to the undistributed leads database.

This way, we get to send you qualified leads from your area under our competition free leads generation system.

Under our general leads management system, as undistributed leads are received and added to the distribution database, we  send an email blast notification to all accountants in our directory to allow them to login and download these leads that fall into their leads acquisition area, to provide the services being requested.

This leads distribution system includes telephone request for accountants leads from business owners looking for accountants.


As these leads are received, a TELEPHONE LEADS FORM is completed and added to the lead distribution database for automated delivery to accountants listed in our directories based on their locked-in postal or zip codes.


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