We Go beyond the internet to Generate leads

Here is how we do it

As we bring potential clients from the small and medium-size business industry to our directories looking to connect with accountants located near their office, if they were unable to find one for their business, they would simply click our Request-for An-Accountant link to have us find them one.

These requests become qualified leads that we distribute to accountants in our directories under our leads distribution system, or under our locked-in leads service system

Under this leads distribution system, these leads are added to our leads database which sends an email to accountants in the directories to allow them to login and claim the available lead or leads on a first come basis.

Beginning in September 2015, we will launch a locked-in leads distribution service system. This system is will allow accountants to lock-in up to two postal codes or zip codes for exclusive leads distribution on a first come basis to receive all leads from the selected locked-in leads area.

However, if accountants receive leads they are unable to accept or need, they would simply release those leads by login-in to the leads data base and release the lead and allow the system to send an available leads notification to all other accountants listed in the directories so they can login and claim the available lead or leads.

Leads from the Owner Operator Trucking Industry

Leads for accountants listed in our directories are also generated from the sale of TruckersBooks Software to owner operator truckers.

The software is customized for truckers to make it easy for them to do their own bookkeeping data capture and send their accountant the bookkeeping information as data instead of paper on a monthly basis.

As truckers purchase the software, a large majority will ask us to refer them to an accountant positioned to work with them receiving data instead of paper.  These requests are qualified referral leads that are also added to our leads management database and distributed to accountants listed in the Truckers Accountants directory.

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