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The leads Distribution system

How it works!

We deploy a FREE Find-an-accountant service to small and medium-sized business and Entrepreneurs and bring clients looking for an accountant or bookkeeper to find and connect with a service provider in our exclusive directories for accountants and bookkeepers.  In addition, our Find-An-Accountant service system includes a request form system to allow client to send us a request to connect them with the right accountant for their business.  These request becomes the leads for distribution.

As these leads are received they are added to our available leads database and our system sends an email notification to all accountants and bookkeepers listed in our directories, notifying them of the lead received from a potential client looking for an accountant or bookkeeper and requesting to be contacted.

The email will read::

Good Morning ________________  Today we are referring to you ________ pre-qualified lead (s) for you review. 

Leads are available in our leads database on a first a claim basis. However, keep in mind only claim leads that are closest to your business or office location to allow us to only connect clients with accountants located near their office or home base.

To claim leads, enter the answer to the question and sign in with your email address.

Not yet listed in our directories? click here to list your practice or bookkeeping business.

Following the notification to accountants and bookkeepers in our directory, if the lead is claimed by an accountant or bookkeeper, it is removed from our available leads database and placed in our leads acquisition history database.

ithe lead is published to our claim leads webpage to make it easy for accountants and bookkeepers not yet listed in our directory to know what leads are available and how to get these leads to grow their client base..

The Leads management system

As we receive request from clients looking to retain the services of an accountant ort bookkeeper, we send the client requesting to be contacted a confirmation email asking them to notify us if no accountant or bookkeeper contacted them within five days.

If we receive a reply email indicating that they were not contacted and still looking for us to connect them with an accountant or bookkeeper, we will send the lead information to one of our sales agents to have them find an accountant or bookkeeper in the client location or close to, and encourage them to list their practice to allow us to provide them with the lead and position their practice or bookkeeping business to get more leads and referrals.

In addition, under our leads distribution system, as new accountants list their practice, they can go to the leads page and claim available leads of clients in their location.

This also serves to alert and encourage accountants in the directories to know what leads are available and potentially let other accountants in their social circle know about the availability of qualified leads from clients looking for an accountant.

This is an exclusive low cost client acquisition marketing and promotion service system.

So if you are serious about getting client, our unique service and support system is a great low cost way to do that and grow your client base.



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