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The Leads Generation and Distribution to Accountants System


We deploy a direct to potential client’s leads generation marketing and promotion system, targeting small and medium sized business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.

We know that most business owners will at some time need an accountant.  Knowing this, we target this group of potential clients that will need or be looking for accounting and bookkeeping service.  This way, we are able to bring those ready to retain the services of an accountant or to easily find the right one in our directory network.

Our direct marketing system works well for busy potential clients looking for an accountant, who prefers to submit a request to be contacted, instead of making contact using the contact information in the accountants online profile.

As this group of owners, managers and entrepreneurs submit requests for accountants to provide them with accounting or bookkeeping services, this information become undistributed leads that are first distributed to accountants and bookkeepers based on their locked-in postal/zip code.

Undistributed leads are added to our available leads database.

To make it easy for accountants to know what leads are available in the event they are planning to expand their leads acquisition reach, our system sends an available leads email to accountants based on their locked-in postal/zip code in the directory database.

This leads database, also allows accountants and bookkeepers not listed in our network, to peruse the database free and discover the leads available opportunity and join our network.

  Getting Leads from the Leads Database


  Our Uniqueness

Leads available on a first claim basis.

We encourage members to claim leads close to their business to help make the Find-an-accountant-near-you meaningful to potential clients looking for their next accountant. 

How to claim leads from the database:


Enter the answer and sign in with your email address. 

Once a lead is claimed it is removed from our available leads database and placed in our leads acquisition history database. 


If you claim a lead that you are unable to action we ask members to release the lead to the database to allow us to make it available to another accountant in our network


Our leads generation system utilizes, visual marketing with customized videos, easy to remember jingles and post card mailings.

We attend most relevant trade shows and events to establish a presence including local Meet-up networking events to meet and network with small and medium size business owners & managers.



Our service functions like an outsource event networking service  that creates opportunities for accountants to meet potential clients without having to attend various networking events.

How we Enhance the Service Value to accountants 


 No Cost Client Service Representation Marketing

As we receive request from potential clients looking to retain the services of an accountants, we send them a confirmation email that an accountant will contact them within five days.

In our confirmation email, we ask them to notify us if no accountant has contacted them within five days.

If we receive a reply email indicating that they were not contacted and still looking for an accountant or bookkeeper, we send the lead to one of our independent sales agent to find an accountant close by, interested in joining our network so as to get more leads, referrals and new clients the easy no cost way.

available Leads Database

Click here to lock-in your leads

The Enhanced Leads Distribution System


Year round and especially during Tax Season, it is challenging for accountants to hit the road attending networking events.

To meet this challenge, we attend networking events and promote our Find-an-Accountant service by distributing the business card below to potential clients to create a steady flow of leads and ready to sign clients for accountants in our network.


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