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Client Acquisition Automation - 


We will automate the client acquisition process, so you get to add new clients to your client base without having to do any of the tasks needed to manage the client acquisition process.

This way we make it easy for you to work in a more productive environment and enjoy higher profit margins with significantly lower client acquisition costs.

This service will cost you less then 60-cents per day, less expensive than buying a practice and offers years of steady growth and the opportunity to grow a more loyal client base

No sales effort required from accountants.

No commission payable per client acquired

Leads delivered to your in-box

Exclusive locked-in leads acquisition system

Our client acquisition platform is a unique marketing and promotion system for accountants and bookkeepers that provide competition free opportunities to easily “Get Found” and contacted by clients looking for their next accountant

This client acquisition network membership system, offers accountants and bookkeepers a low cost affordable way to put their accounting practice or bookkeeping business in front of potential clients 24/7.

Being listed in our network allows potential clients we bring to the directories of accountant platform to preview the business profile and make contact by phone, by spam-free email or by submitting a request to be contacted.

We deploy a free accountants finder invitation marketing to owners of small and medium sized business and owner operator truckers that brings them to the network to find you.

The Invitation Marketing system



This marketing system is designed to make it easy for business owners to find and retain the services of accountants and bookkeepers to provide accounting and bookkeeping services, without having to invest time doing internet searches.

We provide them with an easy to use direct link to our directories that allow potential clients to go direct to the directory listing of accountants where they are able to connect with an accountant located nearby.

We created a set of welcome videos designed to have a jingle like message, so that whenever a potential clients or casual visitor, visits the directories network the videos will do the job of creating a memory link so that whenever one of their associates mention that they are looking for an accountant, they will refer them to the findanaccountant web.

To get more clients to contact accountants in our network, we created a feature that will get even more clients contacting accountants in our network with their business or tax related questions.

This marketing feature is designed to create a steady flow of business owners and managers contacting you.

This way, you will have unlimited opportunities to talk with potential clients and convert them to full-time clients while creating a professional image in your community.   

This way, without any effort from you or your staff, you will have an always on leads generation and client acquisition program running with one mission. to bring you qualified new client leads and referrals to grow your client base.

Join the Network  


   The automated leads distribution system 



Here is how it work

Beyond the direct contact that you will get from potential clients that the marketing and promotion system bring to our Accountants Directories platform, you will get even more leads from our exclusive locked-in leads acquisition system.

Read More of how it works

Accountants and Bookkeepers in the network can submit up to two postal codes or zip codes of city areas they would like to get all or most of their leads from.

As our marketing and promotion does its work, all leads received from the postal codes or zip codes you locked-in for exclusive acquisition, will be sent to your in-box.


This system will bring you more new clients and referrals than any other service source today in a competition free zone, without any client acquisition sales marketing effort from accountants or bookkeepers in our network.

Next is our leads distribution system.

As leads are received, that are not distributed to accountant under our locked-in leads distribution system, they are added to our leads database and an email notification is sent to all accountants and bookkeepers in the directory network.

This way, accountants needing more leads can login to the leads database and download any lead located in postal codes or zip code areas outside of their locked-in areas to provide accounting service if required.


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