How it works

Proactive Marketing

We employ direct e-business marketing to put accountants in front of potential clients and generate qualified leads and referrals, that we deliver direct to the email inbox of accountants in our client acquisition directory.

Under our client acquisition marketing system, we bring business owners looking for accountants to find and connect with the right accountant for their business.   Quick Links

Bringing you high value leads

We also deploy a talk-to-an-accountants landing page web on the internet, designed to bring high value business owners looking for a second opinion to help them with an important business decision.

This system generates a steady flow of seasoned high value business owners, looking for advise beyond the scope of their existing accountant or bookkeeper. 

This creates a unique opportunity for accountants to convert this group of business owners clients.

Request for consulting from this group of potential clients are distributed to accountants in our directory network by the locked-in postal code of accountants first and next to all other accountants in our directory, based on a first subscribe to last subscribe system.

Leads Management

In the event that our automated leads system is unable to match some leads, or leads within the programmed distribution rules, the leads are added to our undistributed leads database and an automated email is sent to all accountants in the directory.

This way, accountants looking for qualified leads and willing to work with clients regardless of province or state location, would simply login to the database and using their login ID, download required leads

Staying visible

To maintain a strong proactive client acquisition market presence, to ensure that accountants in our directory will always have opportunities to connect with potential clients looking for accountants, we create and publish a variety of easy to watch, short Find-an-accountants-near-you, promotional videos on YouTube designed to help put accountants in front of business owners and managers looking for accountants.

We maintain two Find-an-accountants landing page web on the internet, with quick links designed to make it easy for visitors to connect with accountants in our directory.

Enhancing the value proposition

We positioned our company as a one-stop client acquisition support source for accountants, by creating a set of fee-based managed services that accountants in growth mode will usually need and are forced to outsource by retaining the services of suppliers with no passion for the mission of the accountant.


Leads Acquisition Networking

To allow accountants to eliminate the need to take time out to attend various networking events to connect with potential clients, we attend most relevant networking events and trade shows, where we distribute our Find-an-accountant business card.

This way accountants in our directory will not be exposed to the competition from other accountants at the same network, they instead will access any available lead from these events without having to be there.

Here is how.

We customize the business card we distribute at networking events to include the image of a video link, which prompts people who receive the business card to ask how they can access the video. 

This gives us the opportunity to collect business card leads and/or email address to send them the findanaccountants E-business card with active links to play the videos and connect with accountants in our directory.

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Click the business card to play the marketing video

How the contact us Request Leads work

Contact request leads, are distributed direct to the email inbox of accountants in our directory by matching postal code or zip code business or home office locations.

So, if you are looking for more clients this year, add your accounting business to our directory and position your business to get found by business owners we bring to our directory to peruse the list of available accountants.

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