How it works

We put accountants in our directory in front potential clients with direct invitation marketing E-Business Cards with a  Find-an-accountant-near-you landing page to make it easy for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs looking for accountants to connect with accountants listed in our directory of accountants.

To get encourage potential clients to peruse the Find-an-accountant-near-you landing page and increase the motivation for them to click to tour the landing pages of accountants in our directory, included on the landing page is a set of video link to tweak the interest of the visitor and need to stay longer on the page viewing the video and absorbing the subliminal message effect.

On an ongoing basis, we attend and participate in a variety of marketing and networking events and trade shows, where we focus on distributing our find and accountant business card to get the word out and bring more business owners to our directory as casual visitors and as potential clients looking for accountants.  


We also take every opportunity to collect the business cards of the business owners and entrepreneurs we give the Find-Accountant business card to at the events, to allow us to the opportunity to send them a thank you note for having picked up, or accepted our business card. 

The card we send as a follow-up is a special e-business card with links to easily connect with accountants and to learn more about our find-an-accountant service, to prompt them to take the visit our website action, to check-out our list of accountants in our directory, located closest to their office or home and make contact if ready to sign.

This prompt to action is designed to also get them to sign up to receive our monthly or quarterly news releases and articles written by accountants in our directory and made available as part of our free content marketing program distribution.

During these visits, those who are ready to retain the services of a new accountant will have an hassle-free opportunity to connect, by phone, by spam-free email, or by sending an accountant a request to contact them.

Some who are not ready to retain a new accountant, will play the welcome videos of some of the accountants and if pressed for time making contact, will use the request an accountant form, to submit a request to be contacted by an accountant.


Click the business card to play the marketing video

How the contact us Request Leads work

Contact request leads, are distributed direct to the email inbox of accountants in our directory by matching postal code or zip code business or home office locations.

So, if you are looking for more clients this year, add your accounting business to our directory and position your business to get found by business owners we bring to our directory to peruse the list of available accountants.

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