How we distribute leads

As qualified leads are generates and received, the leads that fit the locked-in postal code or zip code of accountants in our network are sent direct to their in-box automatically at no cost.

Leads are from business owners that submit requests for us to find them an accountant or from those that call us after visiting our list of available accountant and did not find one located nearby.

Other leads source includes:


The public relation leads system

Request from SMEs and SMBs


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Leads from postal or zip code areas not locked-in by accountants are added to our available leads database and login access provided to allow accountants to login and download leads outside their locked-in postal code or zip code first choice.

Since some requests from business owners are received by telephone, the information captured are also sent direct to the inbox of accountants at their locked-in postal code or zip code, or added to our undistributed leads database if no accountant is available in the leads received postal/zip code area. 

As leads are added to our undistributed leads database, an email blast notification is sent to all accountant in our network, this way, since no two accountants can lock-in the same codes, accountants who missed locking-in their postal code/zip will have access notification of undistributed leads so they can login and download the client contact information.

As part of the leads acquisition system, we deploy a Talk-to-an-Accountant service that encourages business owners looking for a second opinion to make important business decisions, to submit a request to talk with an accountant in our network. 

This create opportunities for accountants to connect with potential clients and convert them to clients.


the bottom-line

We position your business to gain web dominance with a landing page web and a business profile marketing video, which will get more client to your landing page and those looking for there next accountant to find and contact you


A Landing page web with a welcome video will bring more qualified visitors than any other marketing systems

74% of visitors to your landing page with sign-up for your services after viewing your welcome video

Your landing page video will be published on YouTube and Google Video  

96% of Small and Medium sized business owners prefer to watch a video about a service they are interested in

98% of landing pages with video, will get ranked on the first page of, Google, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo

99% of B2B companies are planning to add videos to their content marketing over the next year

The benefits of a landing page web with video?

People remember:  ► 20% of what they hear

30% of what they see

80% of what they see and hear  



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