We bring to Accountants and Bookkeepers listed in our directories a business-partner dedicated client acquisition sales and marketing service that focuses on providing our clients with a hands-off sales system that is always working to bring them new clients.

   How the exclusive marketing system work!

We put your practice or firm in front of the potential clients looking for their next accountant located near their office or home base

We bring you direct referrals from



We will also bring you direct referrals from

We bring clients to your landing page web, to get to know you and retain your services


Add your business to our Directories of Accountants by January 31, 2018 and position your accounting business to get found by Business Owners looking for their next accountant or looking for tax time services and Entrepreneurs looking for a second opinion for a new business decision

 January-February 2018 we will roll-out a targeted SME direct leads generation and client acquisition marketing program, with a subliminal promotional video message designed to bring potential clients and ready to sign business owners, managers and entrepreneurs to visit our Accountants directory to find the right accountant for their business.

 If you are listed, you will get found, you will get qualified leads and you will connect with ready -to sign clients looking for their next accountant. You will also get some leads delivered to your Email inbox

Here is why

Our direct leads generation and client acquisition marketing program, uses the postal code or zip code of accountants in our directory to decide on the business location potential leads list to purchase for our marketing program.

 This way, all leads generated will be qualified and we eliminate and minimize the opportunity to acquire leads that must be added to our undistributed leads database.

 Instead, all leads generated will have a distribution home delivery source, plus because of target marketing our clients will have the opportunity to generate direct contact leads as well as request to be contacted leads and ready to sign for accountants in our directory.

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