How it works

Our focus is helping accountants get more qualified leads and new clients to grow their client base and incomes, without having to invest in expensive online directory listings advertising, buying keywords, and other ineffective get leads promotion systems.

Accountants simply Add their business  to our directory, which allows us to get started putting their business in front of potential clients that we bring to our directory through a variety of direct promotion systems including our  find-an-accountant CA system and the Talk-to-an-accountant system.

Our Client Acquisition Marketing system uses rifle shot marketing and direct video promotion that that puts accountants in front of clients looking for their next accountant.  This allows us to easily bring accountants in our directories a steady flow of qualified leads and ready to sign clients to connect with accountants.

We enhance the rifle shot system by locking-in the postal code or zip code of accountants in our network, to allow us to deliver leads generated from within their postal or zip code, direct to the inbox of accountants, at low cost to no cost.  Read More


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The Marketing Drivers

The keys to our service is how we help you save money by eliminating your need to invest in expensive marketing and advertising programs to get found on the internet or anywhere so as to maybe get contacted by a potential client.

We lock-in the first postal code/zip code and provide you with the opportunity to lock-in up to two additional postal/zip code so as to extend your exclusive client acquisition reach and get your business in front of more clients ready to sign, than by any other source

With today's clients being more visual, landing page webs are the most effective way to get their attention and motivate them to take action. As a result, we provide a customized landing page for your business and the opportunity to add a video to put your visitor conversion to client rate at 79% or more. Read the stats 


internet dominance.

We position your business to gain internet dominance in your market space, with a customized Landing page Web using your business profile information.

Next, we add a welcome video to the landing page website to motivate potential client visitors to stay longer on your landing page by liking the video message and make the decision to contact you.

Consider this:

A Landing page website with a welcome video message, utilizes motion graphics and will get more visitors to take action. 98% of qualified business owners who watched an online welcome video will contact the accountant or firm after watching a video.



After 30 days, If you can upgrade to a more personalized image on the internet, with your own domain and enhance your market presence with your URL and email address.

You can also upgrade the free video form the list below.

A text video

A video with music background

A voice over presenter video

A spokes-person video

We host the Webs for accountants in our directory of landing pages and on the internet for a monthly fee.

This will help give accountants internet multiple exposure and opportunity to get found by potential clients


What Does it Cost? - Just $200.00 per year, Less than sixty cents per day.   Add Your Business


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