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     Seminars we Hosted and Promoted

Ron spent 5 years in the seminar business, hosting and conducting seminars across Canada the United States and Offshore.

Seminars Designed, hosted and presented by Ron

The Consulting Practice Seminar

How to start build and maintain a successful consulting practice. 

This seminar created and presented by Ron was held in major Canadian and US cities with attendees of 50 to 100.

Accounts Receivables Collections

How to turn your receivables into cash collecting your credit sales or service accounts by design rather than by default, without losing the client or customer and the company the opportunity for continued or future credit sales and/or service sales.

This seminar created and presented by Ron was a one day seminar held weekly in major Canadian and US cities with attendees ranging from of 25-50.

In addition, the seminar was sometimes customized for in-house presentation at various company headquarters for their credit and collections staff training.

Seminars Promoted

Hosted and sponsored seminars with presenters such as Zig Zigler, Tom Norman, Howard Shenson and judge Zigler.

The Zig Zigler seminars were focused on sales motivation.

For these seminars, Ron retained Zig Zigler as the speaker presenter and marketed and promoted the seminar three times per year in cities across Canada, with attendance ranging from 500 to 1500 participants.

The Tom Norman Seminars were focused on telephone sales .

These Telephone sales and marketing seminars were tailored to give people in sales the tools to pickup the phone and make the sales call so as to reduce telephone sales call reluctance. 

Judge Zigler Seminar. 

Seminar Titled. "Timid Salesman Have Skinny Kids" 


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