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We deploy a competition free direct marketing and leads generation program that puts accountants in our directory in front of qualified business owners and ready-to-sign clients looking for their next accountant, as well as seasoned operation managers looking to change accountants, which creates FOLO traffic to our customized landing page.




  on the client acquisition side

How we do it.

We create a customized landing page website that uses your business profile information with action now links, to promote your business to potential clients and visitors to your web.

Based on your video style preference, we create a customize Landing Page Marketing Welcome Video to get more potential clients to contact you and retain your services.

We drive more clients to visit your landing page website, by publishing your video to YouTube, with imbedded keywords.

Our landing page website will bring you more visitors to play your welcome video, read your business profile and be motivated to contact you and retain your services.

Our Landing Page marketing service will save you money, by eliminating the need to pay a developer each time you want to freshen up your landing page website or welcome video information, we do that for you

We utilize the best most appropriate internet marketing keywords to give your business a strong Internet presence while targeting potential clients looking for accounting and bookkeeping service

We use video marketing, to provide a passive engagement medium where visitors receive your business message in a compelling non-sales way, that motivates ready clients to retain your service


We do direct marketing with voice over video support targeting Owners of Small and Medium Size businesses as well as a call to action, Find-An-Accountant system that puts accountants in front of clients looking for their next accountant or accounting service to easily select and connect with accountants in our network.

We add your business to our content marketing program to put your business in front of clients by promoting the articles you write and contribute to the article database, for promotion to the business owners target market.

This way, we create an appetite for more which will have clients and potential clients coming back to your business profile or our content marketing web, or your website if you have one to read more of your writings


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