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About Us

In 2008, Ron decided to exit from the paper-based bookkeeping world and move his truckers bookkeeping business to paperless, requiring clients to send us the bookkeeping information as data instead of paper, using a set of online tools. 

To support this move, we developed an easy to use bookkeeping data capture system in Excel to allow our owner-operator truckers to easily enter the business information and click-to send us the business numbers as tax filing ready reports instead of paper.

Going paperless prompted us to opt-out of doing year-end tax for our clients and refer them to a local accountant to make the year-end process more convenient

To find accountants for our clients, gave us the idea for a Directory of Accountants.


With some significant enhancements over time, Ron created a robust version of the, TruckersBooks Software, that would be sold to truckers to allow them to use their own accountant to do the tax filings.  This created an even greater demand request from software users for accountants to do the tax filings.

As truckers embraced the new way to do their books, it became obvious that we had become a bookkeeping service provider that did the bookkeeping data capture from information provided and referred them to local accountants to do the tax filings.


To motivate accountants to add their business to the directory, we created ACAS, Accountants Client Acquisition services.

To enhance the value proposition for accountants, ACAS would be developed to function as a full end-to-end client acquisition service system to make it easy for accountants listed in the directory to get found by potential clients and develop a steady flow of ready to sign clients to grow their business from the flow of potential clients we bring to the directory looking for their next accountant.


If you see something, Say Something

As we make changes and enhancement in our message for getting the word out about our service, we will sometimes cause a link to be broken.  We have found that visitors to our website will usually land on a broken link before we discover it.

With this in mind, we are asking for your help. If you land on a broken link page, PLEASE use the Contact-Us link to send us a message with the link address.

Similarly, we have switched from regular Toll-Free service to Voice Over IP. 

The VoIP Telephone is (416) 840-6702. So please if you land on a page giving you the (888) number, send us the page location to make the correction.



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