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About Us

We are a Client Acquisition and Leads Generation Marketing Service and Support services Company, that specializes in finding, generating and delivering qualified Leads, Referrals and Ready-to-Sign clients and their contact information, to the email inbox of  Accountants and Small Firms in our directories

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We are here to dominate

 The accountants Client Acquisition and Leads Generation Market and change the way accountant get new clients, while helping them cut their client acquisition cost and drive more profits to their business bottom-line.

We are not here to compete

We are here to do what others don’t do for you and currently can’t do. We are here to put you in front of potential clients looking for accountants and accountants looking for clients, in front of clients looking for accountants located near their business office or home.

We are here to generate qualified leads and referrals for accountants and deliver these direct to their Email inbox at no cost, competition free

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We are here to give Accountants, client acquisition market dominance

 The opportunity to stand out from the crowd and develop a flow of qualified leads and new clients to grow their client base and Incomes

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Our mission is to change the way accountants get clients, help cut their client acquisition cost and increase profits


The Team

In 2015 we decided to package what we know and create a client acquisition and leads generation service company that would be client service focused under our company motto.  "We Aspire to Make a difference"

With this decision, we put a team together made up of, Accountants with over 35 years of hands-on experience operating their own business providing accounting service to SMBs, Entrepreneurs and Owner Operator Truckers.

We complemented the team, with a group of, Internet Consultants, Landing Page Web designers and business process management consultants, experienced in growing their our own business, to help us provide accountants with the solution to the "How to Get Clients" Challenge without having to invest in expensive advertising.

The Business Driver

During our years in the bookkeeping business, it became obvious that the client acquisition solutions we had been purchasing were ineffective, expensive and could in no way, allow our business found by potential clients.

So reality confirmed that  none of these programs have any potential to deliver a ROI.  We also confirmed that the reasons we have continued to invest in these programs, was based solely on FOMO. “Fear of Missing Out”.

As we looked at the offerings for more traffic.  Higher Rankings, Better search engine position and more fluff-stuff.

We know that none of these will bring clients to find you.  This is the problem ACAS was created to solve.

ACAS - Accountants Client Acquisition Marketing and Leads Generation

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Our service will help accountants grow their client base and incomes, without having to buy Leads, or Client Accounts .

Our Fees based System

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