Competition Free Leads Generation and New Clients Acquisition Services for Accountants and Small Firms

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We put your practice in front of clients looking for accountants and bring them to find your business in our directories to retain your services or submit a request to be contacted.  Read More


This leads generation system includes a  leads database for accountants to get leads generated but not locked-in to Accountants by postal/zip code for in-box delivery. Read More


This system will bring accountants a steady flow of client leads through a direct to client marketing that connects accountants with business owners looking for accountants.  Read More


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We will bring you more clients than is possible from any other source by putting your business in front of potential clients looking for their next accountant with video marketing and direct promotion.  

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With our client acquisition services, you will no longer have to invest in expensive advertising and sales programs to find clients. We do it for you at no cost.

We reach out to small and medium-sized businesses and identify those looking for for their next accountant and/or accounting services and deliver the leads to your in-box

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